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The Journal is into the articles from the sphere of general medicine and other medical disciplines which might be of interest to General/Family medicine. 

The Section of General Medicine of the Serbian Medical Society is the founder, owner, and publisher of the Journal Opsta medicina.

Application for managing processes such as edit/organizing reports, creating report templates for fast generating annual reports; creating/editing organigrams; tracing editing reports status etc.

Application works as stand allone web application and also as integrated feature of Dundas BI application(
flexible dashboard, reporting, and analytics platform).

Involved in project for Savyva client Post.CH in creating a Dundas BI dashboards for their health insurance system. This dashboards was a sublimation of questionnaires results(provided by doctors) and the graphic analytics.

Also, as a part oaf complex system, I’ve created a special web service for providing data between two health systems.

As a member of experienced developers,participated in the implementation of TeleTrader portal. Using latest ASP.NET MVC technology, we created new platform  for developing financial markets based portals. Our first big task was to create new portal for our company. As result, we developed an unique and sophisticated portal.

Please visit Teletrader site.

Fundsprofessionell is a fund portal and fund magazine in Austria.